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Our Board of Directors 2018/2019

President - Robin Parsons

Vice President - Keith Goodyear

Secretary - Mark Hutchinson

Treasurer - Richard Crewe


Clem Endicott

Don Snow

Edmond Gaulton

Eric Hynes

Glenn Green

Matt Stagg

Rick O'Brien

Roger Beck

Steve Allen

Race on the Rock 2018

Western Sno-Riders Race on the Rock Uphill Drags are happening at Marble Mountain on Saturday, April 14. It’s a fun filled day with some of the biggest and fastest sleds from all over Atlantic Canada racing in a number of uphill drag races for the ultimate title: “King of the Hill.” During the day there will be some talented riders performing high flying freestyle tricks. Don’t miss out on all the fun! Admission is $5 at the gate, and children 12 and under get in for free! Races start at 10AM.

Sunday, April 15, Western Sno Riders will be having snocross at Marble Mountain! Riders will pilot their sleds over a course of high flying jumps and turns against each other with the chance to walk away with the King of the Bumps Title! There are going to be a lot of fast riders in this event and they are really excited to get flying around the track for you to watch! Admission is $5 at the gate, and children 12 and under get in for free! Races start at 1 PM


Important Notice To All Racers

We have some nibbles re: ROTR/Snow Cross

WSR scheduled dates for Race on the Rock/ Snow Cross at Marble Mountain

April 13/2018 Fri....Tech Inspection for Up Hill Drags

April 14/2018 Sat....Up Hill Drags

April 15/2018 Sun...AM...Tech Inspection for Snow Cross

April 15/2018 Sun...PM...Snow Cross Event

We will post more info as it becomes available.



Western Sno-Riders 2018 Poker Run

Western Sno-Riders in conjunction with Marble Mountain will be hosting a Poker Run schedule on Saturday, March 10th., 2018.
Registration will take place at Marble Mountain, Lower Level (basement) room at right of stairs from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM
Cost $10.00 per hand with no limit on # of hands you purchase. ( see rules re: more than one hand requirements).

Please note completion of the Poker Run ends at 5 PM (ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST BE BACK AT MARBLE MOUNTAIN ON OR BEFORE 5 PM
Clock time start and complete will be by the registration room time.)

Any and all participants who arrive back at Marble after the 5 PM deadline you and your poker hands will automatically be disqualified.  (don't be late on return)

All participants upon completion of registration will receive a list of Poker Run Rules and Tally Sheet and copy of map showing poker run route.

Please respect all parties involved and park in snowmobile designated areas at Marble Mountain.

Prize payouts will be posted at registration room at Marble and also Western Sno-Riders web page and face book.

All participants must have a valid 2018 season or day pass to partake in this event.

All proceeds from this run will go directly towards Carp Creek Warm Up Hut rebuild fund...also note that WSR can use all the support to get this project of the ground come Spring and will have a donation can on site during this event for anyone who would like to contribute towards the rebuild fund. (Registration room open till 5 PM or stop by any of the check points for the event and any one of our volunteers will gladly accept your kind donations.

Please note Marble Mountain will be open for night skiing and pub food will be available for purchase and some great entertainment will be on going in the Knotty Pine Lodge if you would like to kick back for a fun day

Many thanks to all in advance and also our volunteers who play an important roll with WSR


Western Sno-Riders Live & Silent Auction

Friday, February 2, 2018

Doors open 6:30 pm, live auction begins at 7pm.
Royal Canadian Legion - Branch 13, West St. Corner Brook
$5 Admission at the door


Our Board of Directors 2017/2018

Chair – Robin Parsons
Vice Chair – Eric Hynes
Secretary – Grant Wheeler
Treasurer – Marg Howlett
Director – Clem Endicott
Director – Matt Stagg
Director – Rick O'Brien
Director – Don Snow
Director – Bob Blundon (Groomer Coordinator)
Director - Mark Hutchinson
Director - Steve Allen
Director - Wade Butler
Past President - Bruce Nicholl



Our Board of Directors 2016/2017

President – Bruce Nicholl
Vice President – Bob Blundon (Groomer Coordinator)
Secretary – Grant Wheeler
Treasurer – Marg Howlett
Director – Clem Endicott
Director – Matt Stagg
Director – Rick O'Brien
Director – Don Snow
Director – Wayne Stratton
Director – Randy Hobbs


A winter blast from the past….We are exploring the possibility of have a two day race event this year at Race on the Rock the first day would be the Uphill Drags on Saturday and second would be Snowcross  on Sunday. We would appreciate all past and prospective participants to provide feedback via email to


Western Sno-Riders will be holding its AGM 7:30 Monday evening October 24th, 2016 at the Kinsman Center on St. Marks Avenue. We encourage all pass holders to attend. We need new members for our Board of Directors this year. We have a good thing going in our area and let’s keep up the momentum



Keep watching for Race on the Rock updates. Registration opening soon.


The Special Olympics will be held in our area this year from February 29th to March 6th. Blow Me Down Ski Park will be the site of the cross country skiing and snowshoeing.

On February 23rd, the City of Corner Brook will be plowing off the city-owned property on Lundrigan Drive adjacent to Bell's Brook. This site will be used as a transition area ( motor coaches and school busses) during the Special Olympics. Parking attendants and the RNC will be working together to ensure ...a smooth and safe flow of traffic in and around Lundrigan Drive. As such, no vehicles will be permitted to park on Lundrigan Drive during the time of the Special Olympics.

We encourage anyone who is leaving from this area and is using a truck or truck and trailer to leave from an alternate location. The groomed trail system can be accessed from the Lewin Parkway near Farm Road, the Massey Drive/Corner Brook Water Treatment area, Mt. Moriah as well as from the City Tire area.

WSR would like to that it's members for their cooperation during this event.

Race on the Rock will be held on Saturday April 2nd at Marble Mountian.
Please keep watching for updates as regarding race details and registration


Registration for Rendezvous is now open. Click the link of the left for information and to register.


Our Board of Directors 2015/2016

President – Keith Goodyear
Vice President – Bob Blundon (Groomer Coordinator)
Secretary – Rick Randell
Treasurer – Marg Howlett
Director – Clem Endicott
Director – Melvin Hussey
Director – Eric Hynes
Director – Don Snow
Director – Bruce Nicholl (Past President)
Director – Kirklyn Martin
Director – Thomas Blundon
Director – Daniel Gillis
Director – Wayne Stratton
Director – Randy Hobbs
Director – Keith Bursey


Western SnoRiders will be hosting Rendezvous this year. Details and registration information will be posted as it becomes available.



Western SnoRiders would like to thank anyone who volunteered or helped out  in any way this season.

A big thank you goes out to the supporters of our annual auction, the racers, volunteers and fans at Race on the Rock and to all those who helped in any way with grooming efforts and trail maintenance this season.

See you on the trails again next season.


 The organizing committee of Race on the Rock 2015 would like to advise racers and the general public of the following changes to the results of the King of the Hill class of Race on the Rock 2015. As a result of a rule infraction involving an unregistered sled, the updated results of King of the Hill class are as follows:

1st Place - Deon Penney
2nd Place - Dave Moores
3rd Place - Jonathan Cornect

Western Sno Riders would like to thank all of those in making Race on the Rock 2015 a very successful event.




Registration for Race on the Rock opens this Friday, February 27th


The auction was a great success this year. Thanks for all your support

Western Snoriders will be holding it 17th Annual Live and Silent Auction on February 7 at the Royal Canadian Legion on West St.
Doors open at 6:30 pm with a $5.00 admission fee.

This is always a great event and an excellent opportunity to support the club.


Grooming has started for the 2014/2015 season please check the grooming section for regular updates.

USE CAUTION with marginal snow conditions in a lot of areas have stumps, rocks and wet areas.


Our Board of Directors 2014/2015

President - Bruce Nicholl
Vice President (Groomer Coordinator) - Bob Blundon
Treasurer - Margie Howlett
Secretary - Rick Randell
Director - Clem Endicott
Director - Keith Bursey
Director - Daniel Gillis
Director - Melvin Hussey
Director - Don Snow
Director - Neil Locke
Director - Eric Hynes
Director - Randy Hobbs
Director - Keith Goodyear
Director (Past President) - John Alteen





Grooming Update

The current grooming season is winding down and it has been a great season. Last week the NLSF issued a press release on the current position of it's grooming resources. This winter was practically two winters in one, with the earliest grooming start on record, very few mild periods and tons of snow the NLSF's grooming resources are just about exhausted. Western Snoriders plans to grooming until the second weekend in April on a limited basis. Provided there are no mechanical or major weather issues most primary trails will be maintained as best possible for the next two weeks.

Enjoy the remainder of the season.


A full weekend grooming. Going to be a great winter!



These are some of the blow downs that had to be cleared between Steady Brook and Pasadena


Bridge  and trail repairs in Pasadena

Click here for more pictures


Another Project....

Roger is currently constructing a new outhouse to replace the dilapidated one that is currently at the Shiver Shack.
Hats off and a big thank you to a dedicated volunteer



Several washouts have been reported on the rail bed between Logger School and Gallants. The rail bed is part ok the T'Railway system and is controlled by Provincial Parks. They have been notified and are working on doing repairs to have the trail open before the grooming season starts. Please see the posted News Release.


Western Snoriders will be holding its Christmas Social on Monday, December 9th. Festivities will start at 7:30 and will be at The Kinsman Center on St Marks Avenue in Corner Brook where finger foods and refreshments will be served.

We would like to show our support and give back to all who volunteered during the year. If you helped build a bridge, maintained or provided wood for the warm up shelters, helped with the auction or Race On The Rock, cleared alters, put up signs or volunteered in any other way that helped to provide the safe and successful year we had last year grab your significant other by the hand and make your way to our social.

We hope to see you there.



Bridge repairs at Blue Hill Brook have been completed. Thanks to all who helped out. It was a another great day!

Plans are still in place for this coming Saturday (Nov 16). We are looking for a show of hands to get some idea if we will have enough people to make this a success. Remember everyone to travels to The Lewis Hills or Stephenville area via Logger School Road has to pass over this bridge.

Our Board of Directors 2013/2014

President - Bruce Nicholl
Vice President (Groomer Coordinator) - Bob Blundon
Treasurer - Margie Howlett
Secretary - Rick Randell
Director - Clem Endicott
Director - Keith Bursey
Director - Mark Robertson
Director - Melvin Hussey
Director - Mike McCarthy
Director - Neil Locke
Director - Wayne Stratton
Director - Randy Hobbs
Director - Jim Oxford
Past President - John Alteen


Western Sno-Riders would like to thank all racers, spectators, sponsors and volunteers who helped to make Race on the Rock 2013 a great success.


Winter Carnival ride was a great success.

Thanks to everyone who made this years auction such a great success.


  A job well done!!

It has been a busy fall!

Bridge at Cooks Brook
Bridge on Watson Pond Road
Bridge at Wild Cove
Bridge at 45th Brook (top of Marble)
Bridge at Watson Brook (new hospital site)
Repairs to the Shiver Shack
Alder clearing (Thanks Mike!)


A job well done! This is the new bridge at 45th brook (on top of Marble). A big thanks to all the volunteers who helped out.


On Saturday October 6 we did some repairs and maintenance to the Shiver Shack. The day went well... a great turnout and lots accomplished. Here are some pictures

The Rugged Edge/Western Knights was a great success on Saturday. There was a great turnout with lots of cars and bikes to see. Our barbecue was a great success! Click here to see some pictures from the event



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