Snocross Race Classification:

Sport Class:  This is mandatory for FIRST TIME Snocross Racers.

Snowmobiles in this classification are going to be influenced by most of the same regulations for the Trail Improved class in drag racing. Machines must stay relatively stock and trail ridable with the exception of minor modification listed below. All snocross machines must have a working tether cord and brake light. There are no restrictions on engine CC however for this classification.

Acceptable Items To Change:
*  Gearing
*  Clutching (ramps, weights, pins, springs and cams)
*  Jetting
*  Track
*  Full Length Ski
*  Handle Bars 
*  Windshields
*  CDI Boxes Must be OEM
Important Items To Keep In Mind Not To Touch:
*  OEM Bore and Stroke  (If original engine is 597cc then it must maintain 597cc)
*  OEM Crankshaft
*  OEM Chassis
*  No Port & Polish
*  Exhaust (Except exhaust can. This modification is allowed. Twin Pipes are not)
*  Carburetors  (excluding jetting)
*  Air Box
*  Snow Flap
*  Tether

600 Stock Class:

Any snowmobile up to 600cc’s will be placed in this classification. Snowmobiles in this class will be subjected to the same rules listed above for the Sport Class. Machines must stay relatively stock and trail ridable and adhere to the modification list above.

800 Stock Class:

Any snowmobile 601cc’s and over will be placed in this classification. The rules apply again as stated above for the 600 Stock Class. Snowmobiles must remain relatively stock and trail ridable. Racers riding 600cc machines or less may also jump up to this class instead if they choose.


Masters Class:

This classification is reserved for riders in the 40+ age bracket. There are no restrictions on snowmobile modifications in this class besides working tail light and tether cord. Also there are no restrictions on engine CC.

Womens Class:

The same rules apply to this classification as the Sport Class except riders must all be female as the class title states. Limited modification and no restrictions on engine CC.

Open Class:

There are no restrictions to snowmobiles in this class. Any and all modifications are permitted in this class as well as any engine CC.  This class is for advanced snocross riders who have competed on a closed course before, OR higher skilled racers who have been vetted though the Sport Class first. Slower riders can be a hazard on the track to other racers in this class. If it is deemed that you may be a hazard to other riders on the track for any reason you will be black flagged.

 PLEASE keep in mind that all other race rules will also be in force in the snocross event as is the drag event except those specifically pertaining to DRAG RACING such as lane choice, lights, etc. It is YOUR DUTY as a racer to review these rules on the Western Sno Riders website. Any riders or pit crew not adhering to these rules can be disqualified from the days events.

Important Notes:

Racers must be a minimum age of 16 (As of race date) to participate in the event AS WELL as be admitted into the pit area. NO EXCEPTIONS. Racers under the age of 18 need parental/guardian consent and signature, and ALL RACERS need to bring a Photo ID.


Green – The race is now started and riders will proceed to navigate the track

White – This is the last lap of any given race

Black – Your actions have been deemed a hazard on the track, or your snowmobile has been damaged to the point of it also being a hazard on the track (Parts, hood, etc.  off and on the race course)

Yellow – There is a rider off their machine on the other side of feature/jump or there is a machine in the track with mechanical failure which poses a hazard. Please proceed with caution, remain in your placement (No Passing until clear of the situation) and do not perform any jumps until passed red flag.

Checker – Signals the end of the race. Your finishing position is determined at this point.

The number of laps per class will be determined closer to race day once we have an idea how big the track will be and time it takes to complete a lap. However, the Open Class will have more laps than other classes. (ie: Sport class, etc  5-6 laps. Open 8-10 laps)

Studded tracks WILL NOT be permitted in any classes whatsoever for the snocross event, the same rule that applies to the Uphill Drag Racing.

Race Fuel will be allowed in All Classes as long as the snowmobile modification requirements are in line with each particular set of class rules.

There will be timed practice for all registered racers and there will also be a sight lap for the line up of riders in each class to see how the track may have changed up to this point to check lines, jump faces, etc. before the start of each heat race. We recommend taking your sight lap slowly to size up the track very well, as you will have lots of opportunity to show how fast you are in your heat races.

All classes with under 10 racers will be ran in two heats and rider finishing position will be the number of points scored for each heat.(ie: 1st place 1 point. 2nd place 2 points etc) The rider with the lowest number after both heats are completed will be declared the winner of each class. In the event of a tie in points for 1st 2nd or 3rd, the two tied riders will compete in a head to head single lap race with the winner of that race being declared the winner. All classes with over 10 racers will be ran in heat races with top 4 advancing to final while the rest go to a Last Chance Qualifier. The top two from the LCQ will move onto final with 10 racers making the main event.

The winner of the Open Class will be crowned King of the Bumps and will be awarded a trophy as well as a prize payout the size of which depends on how many people are in a given class.

Registration costs are the same as Uphill Drag. $100 for sled registration and $30 per class. The $30 per class will be divided up among 1st 2nd and 3rd place finishes with a payout structure of 50%/30%/20% of class fees that are collected.

Snocross schedule is as follows on April 15th 2018.

Registration and Tech Inspection: 9am-11am

Racers Meeting: 11:15am

Practice: 11:30am-12:00pm

Races start: 1pm.

Snocross racers MUST preregister for the event!  If we do not have enough racers we will NOT hold a snocross race.